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About me

Iphigenia Papageorgiou is a private art tutor and a professional artist. Her practical work involves space-time and the attempt to become visible to the observer’s eye while human body fills the area and uses its senses. Her work is based on 2016 exhibition Kinetic Pathways. Since then, she is organising exhibitions concerning particular subjects to be explored. 


Her own work involves the 'Street' style as she prefers to contribute to  public spaces with her embroidery installations on the walls. She has found her own special way of creating portraits on metallic fence using yarn and thread.  You can find her work at several places in Limassol at the moment.

She uses her individual way of creating cross stitching on a large scale.  There is a sense of illusion coming out the work since it seems like it's painted from a distance but also when the light hits the work it creates an interesting shadow that contributes to the work. 

She owns I.P.H house of arts where she helps  students with their portfolios. Over the last two years she had students accepted to London College of Fashion, UAL, The University of Edinburgh, Nottingham University, Northumbria University and more. She has practitioner artists and kids under her supervision. 

instagram: @iph.arts